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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stop Child Labour – Social Responsibility, Chennai, TamilNadu, India.

It was around 8 ‘0’ clock in the morning; I just then woke up and came out near the gate to brush my teeth. There is a school nearby to my home, and I was seeing school children hurrying to their school. Almost of a sudden I heard a sound of a road roller, and some ten or more people walking with shovel, crowbar and so on, as they are going to lay the cement roads in our street. And then I was shocked when I saw a small hand pulled cart with around 10-15 bags of cement being pulled by two young boys. They stopped near my home, and asked me, ‘Brother, Can I have some water please’. And then I went in to bring some water and gave it to them, I asked them just like that, what is your age, and his reply was 12 years and the other replied 13 years, and they started proceeding with their work.

And after that I went took bath and got to ready to office, and took my bike and came out, to see there are some 6 children (Age would be some 3 to 6 years) lying in my compound, near the garden in the floor. I then one of the child was crying and her mother came in. I asked her why you don’t send these children to school. Her answer was “What to do Sir, our work is like that, if we send them to the school, then who will take care of them. We need to go to different places day-to-day for road laying activities, and wherever we go we got to take our children with us. We also had some dreams that we did not study, at least let the children read, but as we work for daily wages, we won’t be able to send them, If we work only we eat food, and no money to spend on their studies too”. After that I left the place.

I was just wondering, the Government says “Stop Child Labour”, if there is any child labour being seen, they would be penalized. But see the situation, the child labour is found more on the Government Projects, like laying roads and other such related activities. And also wondering, why have there not been any plans to make such kind of children who travel from one place to other involving in such kind of road laying activities, is made to study in any of the Government School, nearby their work place. So the child’s parent will also be free from worries, and at the same time the child will get the education too. We people have the social awareness and give a helping hand to stop child labour.

All of us have got Dreams, but why is there such a distance between each other; this thought made me to start the Blog – Social Thoughts & Responsibilities of Human

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