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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chennai Traffic Jams and Roads......

It was since 5 years that I travel via my two wheeler from Velachery to Spencer Plaza for my office. All these days, there were so many people inculding me who have complained about bad roads i.e. with path holes, and improper road works to the corporation and highways department. Some 2 weeks back I am really surprised to see that overnight the road was made with some patch works, and was really happy to drive. But later only I realized that the Chief Minister is coming via Velachery to open an Automobiles Showroom. And was wondering for a single person, they laid a road within one night, whereas thousands of people have been complainging to the corporation, which felt in the deaf ears and was making my way to the office. But later I again realized, that the road is laid just for a formatilty, which barely did not even stand for more than a week.

There are many such un-laid roads all over Tamilnadu, though complained, no action is being taken. Simply I feel 1 out of 100 queries is alone answered. Daily we complain about heavy traffic jams but ever get the right reason for why chennai had got traffic jams. The reasons would be simple

1.) The population of Chennai has grown due to the development of IT companies
2.) Increase in number of vehicles due to population growth
3.) Public buses are over crowded in the peak hours
4.) Improper Roads.

Improper Roads! Yes! because think you are travelling in car,and many vehicles coming behind you and you see an man hole in the road, you apply your breaks and slow down your vehicles, obviously the people who come also slow down their vehicles, the vehicles which comes behind comes in a speed and try to overtake the other vehicles, and wanted to cross the manhole, which leads to make the vehicles stand for long time. So the vehicles which come at the back start moving slowly. And sometimes, due to sudden brake's two vehicles kiss with each other, I mean to say meeting with accident. So if the roads are maintained good, expanded, with proper signals placed, we can reduce the traffic jams to 50% for sure.

So I have decided not to wait for the Government to work for me, instead, I am going to do my contribution, by filling up a man hole in road with some stones, and sand, so it would look flat atleast to control the traffic and accidents. Even I have started doing it, when I go via bike in the noons - as its the right time, where we won't be disturbing the traffic, as well as doing our contribution. I felt we need work hard to keep our City good and clean. Right? :)

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