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Monday, November 17, 2008

Education Insights in India, Just for you to think......

Nowadays there has been a stupid thing that is being followed as rule in the school. The rule is nothing but, most of the English medium schools they wanted the parents should have been literates and should hold a degree to get their children admitted in a matriculation school. I was wondering, then what for the teachers are, and majorly was worried about people who don’t have a graduation degree, and wanted their children at least to get a degree and come forward in life. But as the schools has put the rules that parents should have a graduation degree, most of the parents dream are ruined and shattered who don’t have an degree to get their children admitted in matriculation schools.

Just for you to think, I know a family of five, with three children (Elder Son, Sister and Brother) whose parents are illiterates, whereas the father has studied till 5th standard in a Tamil medium school, and his mother doesn’t even know to read or write, got a seat in a Matriculation school. Inspite of heavy fee and other study materials the father somehow managed to pay it (always late fee, but still paid the fee before the last date). And something interesting is that the youngest son, when doing his 7th standard started working in company in the annual holidays with a salary of Rs.120 per week and then will save that money for buying something that interests him and also to buy study materials. But still he managed to study and then later while he was in college was working as a part time employee in an internet browsing centre and use to have the salary to pay the college fee. Meanwhile, his brother who completed the degree also helped out his brother and sister to pay their college fees as there is shortage of money. Later one the younger boy finished his college he joined in a BPO and then a software company, where he was giving lot of presentation in front of 500+ students in the college on behalf of the company and started getting good names in front of all. And now he is confident that he is growing in life, and now posted this story by himself here, it’s none other than me – the boy I am referring to.

Wonder, My parents did not study, but I have now completed my degree including the master, then why is this educated teachers, say they will admit only if the child’s parent is educated, then what for is the teacher. I asked one of the teacher why is there a sudden rule like this, her reply was simple, now the studies are too complicated, so students parents need to educated to teach them in home. I simply said, then what for are the teachers there, if they are unable to feed the child easily with such complicated subjects. I guess I am right. So it’s in the hands of the teacher and student to learn things, whereas parents should motivate, and teach discipline to the children. I think the rule that tells parents should be educated to make the children admit in the school, should be made inactive.

In the meanwhile, there are government schools in Tamilnadu, which tells the major importance, should be given to Tamil. Just think, if person knows only Tamil, and goes to north India, will he/she would be able to sustain. If a person is unable to sustain in India itself, will he be able to sustain in foreign countries. I am not against, but I say, we need to give importance to Tamil as well as Hindi, and English. Tamil is our regional language, and most of their mother tongue, so first preference to mother tongue, Second to Hindi – the national language and third to English the international language. If we knew all this for sure there would be a bright future for the really talented people.

Also, I happen to see a guy who always tells that everything should be in our regional language, but the sorry state is that his child always talks in English. J So what can be done in this case?.....
Always remember Mother Tongue is First, National Language is Second and International Language is Third, and then comes the other languages.

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